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Meet Reclaim The Day

Behind the Music

Reclaim The Day is here to take back all the things depression and despair have stolen, and they’re inviting listeners to come with them.

The band is fronted by husband and wife Becca Sugg (vocals, guitar) and Marcus Sugg (guitar), with a lineup rounded out by Logan Morehouse (bass). The band’s name comes from Becca and Marcus’s own personal experiences with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, a devastating miscarriage, and the presence of God that brought them through every one of those moments. “We can’t let the enemy take our day,” Becca says. “We have the power to fight, to claim our day back from our struggles, so that we can find hope and peace in any situation.”

That recovery mission is delivered in the form of rock-meets-worship, a style that encompasses guitar riffs, breakdowns and screaming, but also melodic vocals and lyrics voicing heartfelt cries to God. Listeners heard that dynamic on the 2019 single “Who You Are,” recorded with Josiah Prince (Disciple). Throughout 2021, they have brought the same powerful sound to new music with the release of songs "Sentenced to Life" and "Chokehold" featuring Zahna and are already in progress through partnerships with Josiah Prince and Andrew Stanton (Disciple) to release their new and upcoming EP "Psalms" in 2022.  

The members of Reclaim the Day individually have a breadth of experience that includes slots sharing stages with bands like Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, The Letter Black, and The Persuaded, The Protest, and more. In the time since the band’s formation, they’ve already seen an impact through both their music and their ministry. “We just want to reach out to others to let them know there is hope, and there is a God who created you as His own masterpiece,” Becca concludes. “No matter what you’ve done or who you are, He will always love you, and you are never alone.”


Band Members


Becca Sugg

Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar

Becca has been doing music professionally for over ten years. She has been a part of many bands such as A World Apart, The Upright, Crimson Mercy, Scarlet Raven, Waiting For Ravens, and now Reclaim the Day. She has worked with many artists over the years and continues to pursue her love of guitar, bass and Jesus.


Marcus Sugg

Lead Guitar

Marcus, who is married to Becca, has been playing music for several years but joined the scene officially in 2015. Joining along side Becca in several bands together until forming Reclaim The Day with Becca in 2019. Since then, he has not just been pursuing his exceptional guitar skills, but has also been producing music for other artists.


Logan Morehouse

Bass Guitar

Logan joined Reclaim as his first band close to the bands initial start in 2019. Even though he plays the bass he was discovered by Becca through his amazing guitar skills. Since then he has had the opportunity to work close with many people throughout the ministry and has filled in on occasions for other bands all while seeking God above all things.